Project Gallery

Vocations Chalice II

This is the second of these I have made for a church. The first is at our church St. Joachim in Lockford, CA and this latest one is to go to the church we were married in in Lahue, Kauai nearly 31 years ago.Each week a family takes one of these home and prays for new vocations, I.e., more people to go into religious orders.

Holy Oil Cabinet

There is a new requirement that holy oils used to anoint the sick have to be kept in a separate cabinet in Catholic Churches. I was given a picture with rough measurements and asked to make one

Small donations Box

I was asked to make a small donations box for St. Joachim’s migrant ministry. It’s made from scraps of pine with a top of “butcher block” pine lam from a sheet used on counter tops like you can get from HD. The handle, hasp and brass hinges are also from the HD hardware dept.

Buckboard Seat

We live out in the country and, this is a nice usable piece for our front entry. That way guests with muddy boots can shuck em outside.

Dias Extension

The altar needed to be moved forward about 8 inches to allow enough room to easily navigate. To do this I had to extend the floor of the dais while trying to blend the new wood with the old.

5 Board Bench

This is my attempt. I had this neat board I got from a local Home Depot about a year ago. I thought it would look interesting with a natural stain/seal, varithane and wax polish. Hard to see but the board has birds’ eyes like maple sometimes has

Curio Cabinet

This is just a small hang on the wall curio cabinet. I had bought this incredibly straight grained piece of Douglas Fir and thought I’d do something besides a box for a change. The wood itself is quarter sawn and a rich gold. The shelves are pegged with poplar for contrast.

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