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          One Belt one Road international Factoring Forum, Xi

          author:admin     From:??     Click:1124      Time:2017-11-24


          FCI together with CFEC and Vteam held the first One belt one road (OBOR) international factoring forum in Xi?an, China, on 21 November.

          Xian was chosen because it used to be the starting point of the ancient silk route, which is now recreated as ?one belt one road ? .

          The OBOR provides tremendous business opportunities as it covers more than 60 countries with a total population of 3.2 billions and GDP of USD 13 trillions.

          This event also showed the strong cooperation of the FCI members as a part of Typhoon Wen of Vteam. The other FCI members? representatives who spoke at the Forum were Deng Sha Sha of China Mingsheng Bank, Sheng Li of China Everbright Bank , Shu Chang of Export Import Bank of China and Wei Miao Chuan of Taiwan Cooperative Bank. The forum was conducted entirely in Chinese and our Asia Chapter Director Lee Kheng Leong also explained in Chinese how FCI two factors international factoring can help MSME in China to leverage on the business opportunities created by the OBOR. The participants, more than 300 persons, were excited about the business opportunities created and the ability to use international factoring to facilitate the trade .

          This forum was such a success that there were requests to organize similar events in some other Chinese cities.

          From: FCI website

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